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As a seasoned real estate professional with a decade of experience, I am dedicated to providing expert guidance tailored to married and single individuals looking to navigate the real estate market while maintaining full-time employment. Currently, I proudly serve as a full-time Houston Realtor and Recruiter at NextGen Real Estate Brokerage.

Families seek my services when:
They have been denied and or unhappy with the pre-approval process. My lending partners go above and beyond to help get back on track.

They are looking to build a real estate portfolio. We offer listing and home buying strategies to ensure your real estate purchases maintain an asset and not a liability.

They are looking to complete real estate transaction within 45-30 days. My power team works fast and diligent. We all come together in a proactive method, negotiating for the best possible deal.

Why clients love working with us:
We have taken the time to learn various forms of real estate transactions. With our diverse experience, we are able to lend a fresh perspective to the current market, tap into financing resources and design optimal strategies tailored for your family.

To discuss how my team and I can help you: Contact me directly at [email protected], message me here or through my social media platforms referenced on my website.



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