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Cecilia Nunez knows houses inside and out. And for her this is no cliche: as a property developer agent with over a decade of experience, she has taken homes back to the studs and rebuilt them into some of Houston’s most luxurious residences. Her knowledge of this start-to-finish process sets her apart from almost every other agent: walk into any home with her and she can talk you through its potential and connect you with the vendors you need to make your vision a reality.

With Cecilia, you get the best of both: her warmth as a person and her stone-cold dedication to getting things done. You will often find her up into the small hours making sure she has covered all the angles for her clients. Buying or selling, once your goal becomes her goal she doesn’t rest until she has accomplished it.

Pragmatic, tenacious, patient, and responsive: these are all words her clients have used to describe her. As a true empath, Cecilia clarifies your needs. As a born entrepreneur, she does whatever it takes to ensure they are met.

Much in demand as an industry expert, in her spare time she shares her professional wisdom at seminars or enjoys downtime at the beach with her kids. and her phone on loud!

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